Trip Report

Twin Peaks – South Kananaskis

Trip Details:
Date: October 19, 2019
Summit Elevation: 2544 m
Total Elevation Gain: 1031 m
Total Distance: 14.8 km
Round Trip Time: 7:17
Difficulty Notes: Class 3
Some hands on scrambling on the north peak. There is a lot of large rubble on the peaks that can easily twist an ankle, especially when hidden under snow.
GPS Track: Twin-Peaks

Well, this turned out to be a lot of work…

Oscar commenting on all the postholing

With fall upon us, it was time for another trip to the South Kananaskis with Oscar from the CSMC. He introduced me to the area two years ago on a club trip to Mt Livingstone and Saddle Mountain. I really enjoy this part of the Rockies. The long drive on a lot of gravel roads keeps me from coming here too often, but it is always worth it. The peaks I’ve done so far stand between the sheer walls of the High Rock Range (which I hope to start tackling next summer) and the vast prairies to the east, which makes for some stunning views. There is also a wild feeling to these mountains. Tourists are replaced by hunters, gravel roads guard every trailhead, and I just don’t know much about them.

The Twin Peaks were a fun objective. You get your first glimpse of them as you drive down to the Oldman River, but then it is quite a while (and in our case quite a bit of postholing) before you see them again. But when you do, they are impressive, especially compared to all the gentler peaks that I have done down here, and throw in a little bit of hands on scrambling.

The weather down here has also been pretty interesting. When I did Livingstone and Saddle Mountain we were blasted by the strongest winds I have ever felt, more than enough to knock you over. We had similar, though less severe, conditions on Mt Burke—and the old fire lookout provides absolutely no shelter. But today the weather was calm, with barely a breeze. However, we saw storms raging all around us and passing pretty close by. Thankfully neither the snow nor the winds hit us on Twin Peaks, and they just added to the breathtaking views.

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