Trip Report

Peyto Hut and the Mini Wapta

Trip Details
Date: February 16-18, 2019
Total Elevation Gain: 820 m + 333 m
Total Distance: 11.2 km + 13.9 km
Round Trip Time: 7:17 + 7:11
Difficulty Notes:
Crevasse and avalanche hazard.

After complete the Wapta Traverse last Easter, I was itching to get back on the icefield. Of the two readily accessible huts (Peyto and Bow), Peyto was the obvious choice for me. I like the format of the Peyto and Balfour Huts: they are more intimate and have big windows with which to enjoy the view. I also didn’t get to see much of the Peyto area last year thanks to a couple of stormy days, so it was on the top of my list of areas to explore further. Finally, while the approach to Peyto Hut is longer and harder, I feel that it is safer than the approach to Bow Hut. When you are booking six months in advance and have no idea what the conditions might be, you want to tip the odds in your favor wherever you can.

Thankfully we were given stable avalanche conditions and some great clear weather! The approach day was long and a little overcast, but that night it cleared up and gave us two gorgeous days with which to enjoy the icefield. I was able to stand on the porch of Peyto Hut and survey the glacier. We made a ski ascent of Mt. Thompson, played cards and ate pie (and some croutons). With the stables conditions, and some guidance from Lisa, we decided to do the Mini Wapta Traverse and exit via Bow Lake. That way we got to see even more of the icefield and found a really cool ice cave.

All in all, it was great weekend. Thank you everyone who came out!

Day 1 – Approach to Peyto Hut

Day 2 – Mt. Thompson

We spent our day “at Peyto Hut” summiting Mt. Thompson. I have a separate trip report dedicated to it.

Day 3 – Exit via Bow

The Ice Cave

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