Trip Report

Mt Nomad

Trip Details:
Date: July 6, 2019
Summit Elevation: 2544 m
Total Elevation Gain: 1470 m
Total Distance: 17.1 km
Round Trip Time: 6:54
Difficulty Notes: Class 2
The main difficulties are the overgrown logging road and steep hike up the ridge before the mountain.
GPS Track: Nomad-Mountain

It’s been a while since I posted—far to long. While I really enjoy reflecting on my trips and then writing about them and sharing them with my friends, family and the internet, it’s been hard to justify with everything going on in my life and the fact that I should theoretically be using my free time to find a job. So, I’m trying to find a middle ground.

It just isn’t sustainable to write a detailed post about on all my trips, so I’m aiming to post about once a month about my favorite ones. I’m also going to pair them back quite a bit. Since the primary goal is to share the photos of my adventures with my family, the posts are going to be more gallery styled with a few comments and reflections. Hopefully they are still enough to inspire other mountaineers to get out there and enjoy some new areas.

So, without further ado: Mt Nomad! Nomad has intrigued me every since I first read about it on Vern’s website. I have lots of fond and precious memories from the Kananaskis Lakes area (including my dad’s slightly rough intro to the Rockies). So I was excited by the idea of revisiting the area and exploring this tucked away peak—and Vern’s photos were really pretty.

Mt Nomad did not disappoint. It was well tucked away: we didn’t even get a glimpse of it until 2 hours into the trip. The Kananaskis Lakes were stunning, as usual, and so was Mt Nomad and the sheer cliffs encircling it. And the company was phenomenal. Stick enough scientists and engineers together and you get some hilarious results, like our hiking algorithm.

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