Confederation Park

My thesis writing is starting to round the corner! It’s been a full and stressful month, so I’m glad to be near the end.

In order to meet my deadline, I’ve been going into the office on Saturdays to get more writing in. However, I have thankfully been able to keep Sunday free to worship God, connect with friends and rest. I have even managed to get outside a bit. Two weeks ago I went skating at Bowness Park with friends from Church, and today I took a solo walk through Confederation Park.

Despite having lived here for almost eight months now, this is the first time I’ve spent any significant time in the park. It was beautiful and rejuvenating. I think the foggy weather actually added to the atmosphere, adding a bit of mystery and freshness. It made me realize how little time I’ve spent in the city parks lately. During my first summer here in Calgary, I did a lot of biking through Bowmont Park. In second year Nose Hill Park was my regular haunt. Then Ryan called me out to the mountains, and I haven’t looked back.

We are blessed to have so many big green spaces in Calgary. With the mountains so close by, these parks are easy to overlook. While I greatly enjoy the big, objective focused missions in the mountains, sometimes a little peace and quite can also be nice. It was much welcomed today, and I hope to go on a few more walks come summer.

Around this point it hit me how pleasant of a journey this had been and that I wanted to write a short piece about it. I think I have also been missing recreational writing a bit.
This was my turnaround point. There is another whole section of Confederation Park left to explore (not to mention the golf course where I’d like to go cross country skiing someday).

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